Thursday, January 9, 2020

Poetry Friday: Blown Engines, Postcards, and Gratitude

Welcome to Poetry Friday! This week's round up is hosted by Sally Murphy. Sally shares an opportunity for us to help with  the fire relief effort in Australia via the #authorsforfireys auction happening on Twitter. She also shares what she's been reading. Click over to read her post and to enjoy all of this week's poetry goodness.

Knocking...Knocking...nothing left
Engine end of life

Ugh! Yes, unfortunately, we had to begin the new year with an unexpected new car expense. As yucky as that is, I'm grateful my husband was close to home and not stranded in the middle of nowhere when things went south. We live in the country, and hubby is famous for not carrying his phone. I'm also grateful that we were in the financial position to be able to buy a replacement. Last but not least, I'm grateful for the sunshine that arrived in mailbox this week in the form of postcards from Poetry Friday friends. Linda and Irene, thank you for the lovely words and pictures you shared. They were a huge bright spot in my week!

Now I need to ask for your help. I'm writing an article about Poetry Fridays and our little community for Children's Book Insider. I've been around for a few years, but I don't really know who originally spearheaded it and how it got started. Would any of you be willing to share some Poetry Friday history with me? Also, I would love to hear any little personal anecdotes from your time in the community (connections, friendships, growth, opportunity). If you would like to contribute, please email me at kimberlyhutmacher at gmail dot com. I'm looking forward to chatting with you and celebrating our poetry family.

One last thing! Submissions for this year's poetry video contest at STEAM Powered Poetry are opening soon. If you know of anyone you think might be interested, please feel free to pass along the contest info. Thank you!